Whisky and Whiskers Blog Post

As we have already said, we were delighted to meet some wonderful people and some great bloggers, so this next post is from the lovely Whisky and Whiskers! You can follow them on Twitter @Whisk_Whisk and their websitehere. For the original blog post, please visit: https://whiskyandwhiskers1.wordpress.com/places/ Dornoch whisky festival marked some big milestones for me. […]

Malt Review of the Dornoch Whisky Festival

At the Dornoch Whisky Festival 2017 we were delighted to host so many people and some wonderful bloggers! So below is a review written by Noortje who you can find on Instagram at @whiskylifestyle or her own blog whiskylifestyle.com.The original post can be found here: https://malt-review.com/2017/11/16/the-dornoch-whisky-festival/ Without further ado, here is her review (no rhyme […]

New Event for Whisky Wednesday

As an extra for our Whisky Wednesday we can also announce that we have a new event!! Join us on Sunday 29th October at The Carnegie Whisky Cellars for our brand new Whisky Cocktail Tasting! Come a long to try a range of whisky based cocktails and take the traditional whisky cocktails and add an […]

Dornoch Whisky Festival Independent Bottling Masterclass

Original post by Whisky Rover Now in its second year, the Dornoch Whisky Festival has expanded and grown in confidence. A series of new experiences and tastings form an enticing calendar of events including the presence of Charles MacLean. My Dornoch Festival preview article from last month provided a snapshot of my highlights including this […]