2021 Updates

Dornoch Whisky Festival 2921 Update… There may not be a Grand Tasting, but we’ve still got great events to offer!

Dornoch Whisky Festival 2020: COVID-19 Update

Today we announced that we made the exceedingly difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Dornoch Whisky Festival as we know it. For those looking for a bit more information on our thinking, we’ve outlined it below: The coronavirus pandemic took us all by surprise and back in March when the UK went into lockdown we […]

Grand Tasting: 2019

There are only three days to go until the Dornoch Whisky Festival Grand Tasting & we are delighted to be welcoming you to our biggest year yet! Just a couple of details for those of you who are attending on the day:: The entrance to the Dornoch Whisky Festival Grand Tasting will be through the […]

Dornoch Whisky Festival for the non drinkers

I know, I know, we’re a whisky festival and you would expect everything we do to be whisky based or at least alcohol-based, but that’s where we differ slightly! Our festival is not just about whisky, but about our community and all the wonderful things we have to offer in Dornoch, of which whisky (and […]

We’re Backkkkkk

It’s Festival Friday & this time in six months we will be enjoying our Dornoch Whisky Festival Grand Tasting! Our tickets for the Grand Tasting will be going on sale soon! Pre-sale, for those of you who are subscribers starts on the 6th of May and the general release tickets are from the 13th of […]

The Town of Dornoch

It’s October! When did this happen? That means it’s Dornoch Whisky Festival month! Yes, we are having the whole month to celebrate the run up to the celebration of whisky (try saying that quickly after a few drams!) The nights are getting a little shorter here in Dornoch which is making for some truly beautiful […]

Getting Recognised

Hey… pst,. You ever feel like you’ve made it? We do right now! Look what we’ve made it into: WHAT TO DO AND WHERE TO STAY FOR THE BEST OCTOBER EVENTS We can’t quite believe we’ve made it onto such a great list that has so many amazing events, all across the country on it […]

Dornoch Whisky Festival Brand Events

It’s been a wee while since we’ve done a blog post, so we thought you were due one! We have been so busy getting the 2018 Dornoch Whisky Festival prepared for you and we can’t believe how quickly it’s come around – just over a month away! We have some great events lined up and […]

Dornoch Whisky Festival Grand Tasting Tickets…

…are now available! The Dornoch Whisky Festival #WhiskyWednesday is back!!! And the general sale for our Dornoch Whisky Festival Grand Tasting is now open! You can purchase tickets right here: www.dornochwhiskyfestival.com/buy-tickets We have double (triple and quadruple) checked for any potential glitches or issues but if any do arise, just let us know and we’ll […]

Whisky and Whiskers Blog Post

As we have already said, we were delighted to meet some wonderful people and some great bloggers, so this next post is from the lovely Whisky and Whiskers! You can follow them on Twitter @Whisk_Whisk and their websitehere. For the original blog post, please visit: https://whiskyandwhiskers1.wordpress.com/places/ Dornoch whisky festival marked some big milestones for me. […]