Malts Multiverse Tasting

Many will know of the 6 different whisky regions in Scotland and how, historically they all have their own traditional/stereotypical characteristics.

Islay = Peat | Speyside = Fruity | Lowland = Light… you get the drift.

Although you will be aware that whisky production has moved on in a way that almost all elements can be implemented/taken away regardless of location – there is still a strong stereotype that exists. We’ve heard many a person say they don’t like Islay whiskies when really it’s the peat they’re not fond of! So, this year we’re bringing you a twist on the usual regional characteristics and will see Michael of the Carnegie Whisky Cellars flip them on their head – Think of a complex, peated Lowland or a light, non-smokey Island whisky!

This one will be fun!


Oct 29 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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Carnegie Whisky Cellars


Carnegie Whisky Cellars
The Carnegie Whisky Cellars, The Carnegie Courthouse, Castle Street, Dornoch, IV25 3SD


Carnegie Whisky Cellars
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